Cubecell Lora APRS Tracker


This Project is a fork of @peterus LoRa APRS ESP32 Tracker ported to the Heltec Cubecell GPS ASR650x CPU

The code has many parts of the CubeCell-GPS Helium Mapper


Supported boards

At this moment, only the Heltec CubeCell GPS is supported:

This board cost around 25-30 Euros, a little bit cheaper and smaller than the widely used TTGO T-Beam.

Keep in mind: you need a 433MHz version!

Project State

First Goal was the Port to the ASR650x platform, keeping the great Tracking and SmartBeacon Functions from Peters Project.

This Firmware is still in a very early and not well-tested State. Expect Bugs and Functions not working.

Please feel free to open an issue if you found Bugs.

Compiling and configuration

How to compile

The best success is to use PlatformIO (and it is the only platform where I can support you).

  • Go to PlatformIO download and install the IDE.
  • If installed open the IDE, go to the left side and click on ‘extensions’ then search for ‘PatformIO’ and install.
  • Windows users may have to install GIT
  • When installed click ‘the ant head’ on the left and choose import the project on the right.
  • Just open the folder and you can compile and upload the Firmware.


  • You can find all necessary settings to change for your configuration in src/config.h.

Button Actions

Top Button can be used, the lower Button is hardwired to Device Reset.

  • Button > 1s: Send Position Beacon
  • Button < 1s: Open Menu / Next Menu Item
  • Button > 1s in Menu: Change Setting

Usage with BMP180

The HTCC-AB02S can also be used with the BMP180 sensor for Altitude , Humidity and Temperature. Switch to Profile #3 to send data to APRS as a weather station. The sensor can be used with either 5V or 3.3V but since the BMP180 is a 3.3V device with a voltage regulator just use the 3.3v line to conserve power on the board.


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