First TinyGS station in Cyprus

TinyGS is an open network of Ground Stations distributed around the world to receive and operate LoRa satellites, weather probes and other flying objects, using cheap and versatile modules.

Pi Exchange with Refinitiv

This project is software developed for the Raspberry Pi 3 model B to try and emulate a low-latency exchange simulation that can handle a large quantity of buy/sell transactions.

Bash scripting essentials

Bash scripts are very helpful in doing time-consuming tasks in very little time, the unix “bash” terminal .first let's write a sample bash script all bash scripts start with #!/bin/bash, so we can point the system to the right place


The Cyprus Amateur Radio Society (CARS) is the national membership organisation for Amateur Radio enthusiasts. The society was first founded in 1975. The CARS looks after the interests of the…


Meteo APRS uses the Cyprus Meteorological Center's API to query and push data to the APRS Network. It downloads the XML file and converts it to JSON and queries the data for specific Stations. They are then pushed to the APRS network using TCP/IP.

Minesweeper ARM

Our Minesweeper variant is played on a eight by eight grid, of which eight squares are filled with mines (represented by the letter ‘M’). The eight mines are distributed randomly on the board, and then each square is covered up by a ‘*’. A

Adventures of Vman

The Adventures of V man is a simple platforming shooter game that calls upon the player to shoot up oncoming enemies until they reach the end of the level where they are faced with the big boss battle.