Ever had that one guy on APRS who just likes to list fake repeaters? No worries, I Got you covered. If anything you can always use this little script to update your location via APRS-IS using python. Just fill in your details and away you go.

Detecting Spoof Emails with Information Fusion

With the internet becoming an ever evolving technology, ways to protect ourselves from malicious attacks have become ever so important. Everyday these attacks become more and more intelligent in trying to trick not only the user but also current spam protection systems. This illustrates that most current implementations lack in detecting the hijacking of already "trusted" email addresses. Having a system capable of analysing and detecting such malicious attacks would be of great use. This project aims to create such a system and explore the multiple ways in which Artificial Intelligence and strict filtering rules can leverage advancements in the field of Cyber security and Datascience .

Cubecell Lora APRS Tracker

This Project is a fork of [@peterus](https://github.com/peterus) [LoRa APRS ESP32 Tracker](https://github.com/lora-aprs/LoRa_APRS_Tracker) ported to the Heltec Cubecell GPS ASR650x CPU